Life and Executive Coaching

Gavin is an inspirational speaker, coach and international consultant and facilitator having worked in Southern Africa, East Africa and England. He is a member of the nternational Association of Facilitators, a Lifeline Facilitator and an Advanced Toastmaster. He is also the HR Director of Synergy School in Kommetjie.


Leadership training

The Leader Within

This inspirational and highly effective programme, which takes place in short modules over a period of 18 months, is designed not only to provide leaders, and prospective leaders, with the knowledge, skills and understanding to harness their natural skills, but also to challenge them to achieve a level of leadership that effectively guides, motivates and inspires others.



At GCA we believe in a process of team development. Teambuilding is not about an event, it’s a process of taking the team from being a pseudo community to being a real community over a period of time.
GCA also coaches leaders to do various activities at the office to follow up on the excitement of the events to ensure that the motivation, inspiration and morale are maintained at all times.


Strategy Facilitation

As strategy facilitators, GCA brings together the best tools and process methodologies available for strategic planning. We also follow a process of facilitated collaboration and consensus that ensures active participation by, and commitment from all key stakeholders. Outcomes are action orientated with implementation and monitoring steps clearly defined.

Our unique combination of people skills, strategic management frameworks and process methodology can be adapted to your needs.


Professional talks

Leading Change

Gain clarity on change issues. Know more about yourself in relation to change. Have a roadmap to tackle change initiatives. Feel more confident about your change adaptability. Know what has worked and not worked in other organisations.

Personal Mastery for Leaders

To inspire leaders dealing with change and adversity. How to cope as a leader with techniques and balance. Nurturing better relationships in business and personally. Leading with vision and purpose.


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